Sunday, February 14, 2010

Predictions for All Big West Teams

With only about 1 month to go in the Big West season, I am making my All Big West Predictions. There have been some great players and here are the ones who deserve recognition.
Big West Player of the Year- Orlando Johnson, UCSB
Big West Coach of the Year- Bob Williams, UCSB
Big West Freshman of the Year- Devon Peltier, CSUF

Big West Defensive Player of the Year- Aaron Thompson, CSUF
Big West Hustle Player of the Year- T.J. Robinson, LBSU
Big West 6th Man of the Year- Greg Plater, LBSU

All Big West 1st Team:
F- Kyle Austin, UCR
F- T.J. Robinson, LBSU
F- Mark Payne, UCD
G- Orlando Johnson, UCSB
G- Lorenzo Keeler, CP-SLO

All Big West 2nd Team:
C- Dominic Calegari, UCD
F- Eric Wise, UCI
F- James Nunnally, UCSB
F- Kenny Daniels, CSUN
G- Casper Ware, LBSU

All Big West Honorable Mention:
G- Michael Hunter, UCI
G/F- Larry Anderson, LBSU
F- Joe Harden, UCD
G/F- Aaron Thompson, CSUF
F- Gerard Anderson, CSUF
G- Jacques Streeter, CSUF
G- Shawn Lewis, CP-SLO
G- Devon Peltier, CSUF
C- Sam Willard, UOP
F- Lenny Daniel, CSUN
All Big West Freshman Team:
G- Devon Peltier, CSUF
G- Lateef McMullan, UCR
G- Ryan Sypkens, UCD

Note: There are not as many good freshman as there were last year so no more deserve this honor.

Hope you enjoyed this!!!

BWC Player of the Year- Orlando Johnson

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