Monday, February 22, 2010

Fan Profile

I will be starting a new series, Fan Profile. I will highlight some of the biggest UCSB fans around. The first one, me.
Basic Info
Name: Tyler Coady
Lives: Carpinteria, CA
Gaucho Fan: 4 years
Fan Info
# of Games
-Basketball: 60-70
-Soccer: 25-35
-Baseball: 5
-Volleyball: 5
-Women's Basketball: 10
-Basketball Away Games: 5
-Big West Tournaments: 4
5 Favorite Moments
1. James Powell buzzer beater vs. UNLV
2. James Nunnally buzzer beater vs. LBSU
3. Senior Day 2008
4. First UCSB Game, November 2006
5. North Carolina-UCSB Game

Favorite Players (Past)
Alex Harris, Chris Devine, Cecil Brown

Favorite Players (Current)
James Nunnally, Justin Joyner, James Powell, Orlando Johnson

Tyler at the UCSB at Arizona State Game

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