Monday, August 31, 2009

The Odd Ole

Last March, UCSB athletics unveiled its newest creation, Ole. Ole is a giant Argentinian cowboy or other known as a gaucho. He made his soccer game debut the other night and I looked at my self and said, "what is that?" Ole just walked around, giving high fives, and hugging people. He didn't do any cheering and didn't hang out with the locos that much. I am a kid who has no relation with UCSB except being a fan and I cheer more than there mascot. My three year old brother cheers more than the mascot. He is an interesting looking dude but I would rather just have that middle aged white guy, the Fantom of the Dome, be the mascot. Maybe get a dance team member to be the mascot. Oh Yeah! All I am saying is now that there is this big, giant headed, mute mascot that the Gauchos have, we have lost respectability and now should join the club of bad looking mascots.

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