Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mens Basketball Coaching Search

With the departure of assistant coach Brad Holland earlier this week, Coach Williams will have to find a new assistant coach.

Brad Holland left to become the Executive Director of the Carlsbad Boys and Girls Club earlier this week. He spent two positive seasons with the Gauchos where he helped the team to the NCAA Tournament.

Brad's specialty was his shooting. In the NBA with the Lakers, Brad was known as a shooter. He helped improve UCSB great James Powell with his stroke and also helped me with my shot at the UCSB Basketball Summer Camp.

So now the candidates. Coach Williams will have to find a coach with a good amount of experience and also he will have to be able to be the shooting coach.

I would predict that Coach Williams takes a coach with experience in the Big West and possibly a present day Big West assistant to come to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara.

All I can say is that Coach will find a great guy and we shall see who he picks in the coming days.

James Powell had a much improved senior season due to Brad Holland

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