Monday, March 8, 2010

Big West Conference Predictions

With the Big West Tournament starting on Wednesday, it is prediction time.

Day 1, Wednesday
#7 UCI vs. #6 Cal Poly
Prediction: UCI-60 CP-55
Rationale: Eric Wise too much for Mustangs and company.

#5 CSUF vs. #8 CSUN
Prediction: CSUF-80 CSUN-60
Rationale: Aaron Thompson and Gerard Anderson too difficult at wing for Matadors.

Day 2, Thursday
#5 CSUF vs. #4 UCD
Prediction: CSUF-75 UCD-70
Rationale: Jacques Streeter is Mr. Big Shot and Mark Payne is just not good enough

#7 UCI vs. #3 LBSU (Black and Blue Rivalry)
Prediction: LBSU-80 UCI-65
Rationale: Casper Ware outplays Michael Hunter at point while TJ Robinson has an another double-double

Day 3, Friday
#5 CSUF vs. #1 UCSB
Prediction: UCSB-75 CSUF-65
Rationale: Gauchos have too much depth in the backcourt for the Titans to handle.

#3 LBSU vs. #2 Pacific
Prediction: UOP-60 LBSU-55
Rationale: Tigers frontcourt defense contains TJ Robinson and Demetrece Young outshines Casper Ware.

Day 4, Saturday, Big West Championship
#2 Pacific vs. #1 UC-Santa Barbara
Prediction: UCSB-80 UOP-75
Rationale: Tigers frontcourt keeps them in it but Orlando Johnson and James Nunnally are too much for the Tigers on the wing.

UCSB is going to be the Big West Champions!!!!

Will the Gaucho Locos be storming the court in Anaheim??

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